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About Legacy of the Vanguard

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:21 pm

Legacy of the Vanguard has a solid core of experieced players. Many have been playing since BETA or near game launch. The guild was formed prior to Neverwinter's 1st aniverary. Senior members are between 15 and 65 years of age. We play hard and have fun. New players will find the guild inviting enhancing game play. RaidCall is can be utilized to aid game play. inquiries contact Lit'l nel@uglystk in game.

Legacy of the Vanguard

Legacy of the Vanguard is not an “End Game” guild. Yes, we do have characters with 3500-4000+ Item Level Scores but the majority will be between 2100-3200 IL scores which generates fantastic game play for all IL Scores! This requires balanced team work to achieve gaming goals and keeps the game interesting. When running skirmishes or dungeons we win or lose together with no votes to kick. Whether you have an End Game character or a 2000 IL character Legacy of the Vanguard will offer challenges and is accepting to all players.

Legacy of the Vanguard promotes a positive environment for guild members to play and build characters while increasing individual game play skills and is open to all ages providing you respect guild members and act appropriately. Discrimination is not tolerated. The guild is comprised of various ages, nationalities and individuals from all walks of life, all here for the same reasons; the enjoyment of the game and a positive social environment. Guild Chat is for game enjoyment and sharing information excluding derogatory comments and profanity which are grounds for immediate expulsion.

This guild has a solid core of experienced players. Many have been playing since Beta or began near game launch. Legacy of the Vanguard was formed prior to Neverwinter's 1st anniversary. Senior members are between 15 and 70 years of age.

Membership requirements or responsibilities for Guild Stronghold are not rigid compared to an End Game guild. There is no enforced minimum requirement for guild coffer donations. It is understood that not all members have the resources for large donations. To counter this, members are shown how to build characters and increase Astral Diamond revenues to meet the needs of the Guild Stronghold. For each stronghold build, guild letters are sent with information on what is needed from guild members to achieve the goal in a reasonable time. These guidelines are not above a players capability for coffer donations nor unreasonable and will not hinder character development.

Seasoned players and new players to the game, interested in membership please contact Lit'l Nel@uglystk in game. Come join our guild and make the guild your guild. All members take ownership and take pride making this guild theirs!


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