Who am I best matched for ?

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Who am I best matched for ?

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:22 pm

At the moment I Play tr as my main for pvp and know way more better matchups for tr's but I do know who is easier for what classes to kill who.

Best matchup to fight against

Note: Generally it is good to fight your own class this comes down to skill and gear.

Trickster Rogue: Guardian Fighters, Hunter Rangers, Control Wizards, Warlocks, Trickster Rogues

- Note that this can change depending on their builds and enchantments but generally speaking a trickster rogue has a better chance at fighting against these classes.
- This list changes depending on one enchantment Elven Battle Armor if someone is wearing this then the list changes to : Hunter Rangers, Warlocks, Trickster Rogues

Guardian Fighters: Hunter Ranger, Control Wizards, Great Weapon Fighters, Oath-bound Paladins, clerics, Guardian Fighters

-Note Guardian Fighters are good match up against cc players that require them to be stunned/dazed to do any real damage, guardian fighters do massive damage and can be a really helpful tank.
- Also when fighting a Great Weapons Fighter or a Oath-bound Paladin you must be quick to finish them off versing a oath-bound you must hit harder and faster then they do but vsing a great weapons fighter you must wait for opportunities. A well geared Guardian Fighter Also has a chance against a trickster rogue as well. Same principle like fighting the Great Weapon fighters.

Hunter Rangers: Control Wizards, Oath-bound Paladin, Warlocks, Hunter Rangers

- Note Hunter Rangers are fast and have a lot of lock attacks where they can keep you binded for a long period of time, this is extremely useful against paladins as they move slow already and don't have many attacks to clear that distance. Also vsing control Wizards they do not have the cool-down to keep up with Hunter Rangers speed at spamming abilities. While versing a warlocks, they pile good single target dps but are not built to withstand the armor pen that a Hunter Ranger should have and the speed at which they attack. But must be cautious of their deflect and bleeding abilities.

- Note Hunter Rangers may add Trickster rogue to the list if with aoe build and a negation enchantment. But may make it difficult to fight other classes more effectively.

Control Wizards: Oath-Bound Paladins, Clerics, Warlocks, Control Wizards

- Note Control Wizards are extremely hard hitting players with good control that time and bind players versing a oath-bound they are slow are with control wizards massive hits are very effective against them also binding them and preventing them from healing themselves. Also versing warlocks control wizards just generally beat them as warlocks are better with classes that don't hit hard but fast. Single large damage drops on warlocks will generally put them down fast.

- Note You may add trickster rogue to the list if you have large amounts of defence tab shield and equip elven battle armor. But generally a trickster rogue will be harder for you to put down.

Great Weapons fighter: Hunter Rangers, Oath-bound Paladins, Control Wizards, Warlocks, Trickster Rogues, Great weapon Fighters

- Note when fighting trickster rogues you must have a lot of health and be able to withstand many dot effects. It is also easier to fight a tr when versing multiple targets. Large amounts of defense help with this. Great weapon fighters are good at fighting single opponents and are Generally the hardest hitting class (at the moment). Their tab keeps them from being locked by hunter rangers, control wizards, and warlocks.

-  Oath-bound Paladin is on your list because Great Weapon Fighters have a very good survive ability chance against them. Your dodge is your most important when fighting them never stop moving.

Warlocks: Trickster Rogue, Oath-bound paladin, Warlocks

- Note Warlocks are pretty much Great Weapon fighters with Range instead of melee, just like great weapon fighters they are really good at piling single target dps and many dot effects. But warlocks take a lot of gear to become generally good at fighting enemies but at the end of the day with good gear they can fight almost anyone.

Clerics: Oath-bound Paladin, Warlocks, Great Weapon Fighters

-Note: Clerics are very important to a team buffing and de-buffing enemies they can generally fight anyone depending on their build tank clerics can survive almost anything while Dps clerics can add Trickster Rogues to the list.

Oath-bound Paladins: Everyone

- Note: Oath-bound Paladins are the most op tanks in a pvp match they are extremely important as a paladin they can buff their whole team and keep the enemy from taking a base while or occupying multiple enemies they are extremely useful and are usually the deciding factor of a pvp match. A Good Geared Paladin is almost impossible to put down without the use of the whole team, but if it takes the whole team to take one guy on then the rest of the team can capture the other bases. If the player is stronger then your paladin then focus on support and keeping YOURSELF alive.


All these match ups can change depending on who you're versing and what type of build you are going for. An important thing to know about pvp isn't that you need kills it's all about winning just because they can kill you doesn't mean they can beat you. You can be more intelligent and know how to play their weakness of chasing players for that extra kill, use that against them and lure them away from nodes.


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