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Guild Ranking

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RECRUIT: This is comprised of players new to the guild. Open to all ranks.

MEMBER: Players achieving this rank have demonstrated a desire to be part of the guild by joining with others to complete stronghold encounters for influence and regular coffer donations. Open to ranks 20-70 to include lesser ranked alternate characters.

SENIOR MEMBER: Senior members are comprised of players that are level 70 including lesser ranked alternate characters and have met and continue to meet previous rank requirements. These individuals run in guild events and guild parties helping others acquire the resources needed for the guild coffer to include influence from stronghold encounters. They assist new players achieve quest needed for level 70 and help others in the completion of Neverwinter campaigns when needed.

OFFICER: This is the first rank achieved in guild management. These individuals have met and continue to meet previous rank requirements. These individuals are often seen helping new players in the guild, running with others in the Guild Stronghold to acquire influence and needed items for coffer donations and are involved in guild dungeon parties for the purpose of helping others acquire T1 and T2 armor. They have demonstrated a strong game knowledge and willingness to share their knowledge to improve the guild and its members. They take part in the guild decision process. Officers work with Senior Officers and Guild Leaders in recommending and determining guild rank promotions.

SENIOR OFFICER: Senior officers have met and continue to meet all previous guild rank requirements. These individuals are instrumental in running the guild. Responsibilities include running guild events and the enforcement of guild rules. They have demonstrated their desire and continue to demonstrate their desire to meet all stronghold builds set forth by the guild leaders and have demonstrated their leadership skills as Officer.

VANGUARD: Vanguard is reserved for guild founders and those that have been in the guild from the first six months of the guild formation. These individuals were instrumental in the direction and success of the guild and it's continued success. This is a closed rank.

GUILD LEADER: This office is comprised of four individuals. Two guild leaders are founders and set forth the direction for the guild to build upon. Together the four guild leaders combine their skills and knowledge to aid members in game knowledge and lead the guild in a unified direction.


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